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At the end of January 2019, Plast Commerce - 93 OOD successfully completed all planned activities under the project "Introduction of energy efficiency measures in Plast Commerce - 93" OOD to increase the company's competitiveness and achieve sustainable growth. The aim of the initiative was to increase the company's competitiveness to achieve more sustainable development in the long run.


As part of the project, the company purchased and implemented new modern equipment - PVC granulator and mill for shredding waste products, and all employees of the company were trained to work with the new machines. In addition, an energy management system was implemented, and Plast Commerce - 93 Ltd. received a certificate according to the requirements of the BDS EN ISO 50001 (Energy Management System) standard.


Thanks to the implemented activities, the existing production capacity of the company has been expanded and a planned reduction of energy production costs is expected. In the short term, the quality of the produced products will significantly increase, while at the same time the quantity of discarded products will be reduced. The investment brings with it additional benefits for the environment through a general reduction of harmful carbon emissions as a result of the activities of Plast Commerce - 93 Ltd., and through the utilization of a larger amount of waste products, including foreign ones.


The project started at the end of November 2017. It is funded by the Operational Program Innovation and Competitiveness 2014 - 2020, co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.


Plast Commerce - 93 Ltd. announces a procedure for selection of a contractor with subject: Delivery by purchasing specialized equipment in two separate positions:



Lot 1: Delivery of PVC granulator (1 pc.)




Lot 2: Supply of a mill for shredding waste products (1 pc.)



Deadline for submission of bids: 03/04/2018

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