PVC Wall panels
PVC Wall panels

Plast Commerce 93 has been producing PVC wall panels since 2004. Our paneling has a universal application - it is suitable for building walls and ceilings of bathrooms, kitchens, corridors, living rooms, terraces, offices, shops, gas stations, halls, warehouses, workshops, repair shops, car washes, garages, basements, mobile homes, etc. .




The PVC paneling produced by us has a certificate of non-combustibility, as well as a health assessment of the applicability of walls and ceilings in rooms for the food industry.



Main advantages and qualities of PVC panels

  • Easy and fast installation - They are light, do not require special tools for installation, save time and money for labor and repair. The paneling can be glued directly to the wall or attached to a wooden or metal mounting grille


  • Easy maintenance, washable - clean with a damp cloth, glass cleaner or other soft non-abrasive detergent


  • Universal application - suitable for decorative walls and ceilings of all rooms.


  • Robust and weather resistant - made of high quality PVC


  • Waterproof - The material does not change under the influence of moisture, does not favor the development of mold, so it is ideal for wet rooms and humid environments (bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, garages)


  • Noise and heat insulating


  • Sun resistant - uv stability


PVC Wall panels


Plast Commerce 93 "Ltd. produces panels with a width of 125 mm and 200 mm and a basic length of 2.6 m


  • Paneling of 200 mm without joint



  • 200 mm paneling with joint



  • 125 mm paneling with joint



On request, the enterprise can produce paneling of varying lengths and colors on request.






Completing profiles

  • Closing profile - mounted at the end of the panel










  • Corner profile (internal / external) - used for both interior and exterior corners. It is mounted before the panel.












  • Connecting profile - variable angle - it is used for connection in case of insufficient length of the PVC paneling, or for connection of horizontal with vertical panels. It can also be used for sharp and obtuse angles.











  • L-shaped profile (angle) - applies to interior and exterior corners.


A = 15cm., 17cm. и 20cm.





 Цветова гама      Dark gray



  Цветова гама      Chocolate





  Цветова гама      Blue






  Цветова гама      White






  Цветова гама      Peach






  Цветова гама      Cream






  Цветова гама      Dark brown


Цветова гама     Light gray




* Colors can be produced on request according to the customer's taste


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