PVC hoses
PVC tubes

We make a variety of PVC hoses in a wide range of colors with different sizes (inner diameter from 2 to 40 mm and outer diameter from 3 to 45 mm and by customer order).

Internal / external size (mm)
2х3   10х14
3х4   11х12
4х5   12х13
4х6   13х14
5х6   14х15
5х7   18х19
6х7   18х20
6х8   19х21
6х10   18х22
7х8   20х22
8х9   20х23
8х10   21х23
8х12   23х25
9х10   24х26
9х11   27х29
10х11   28х30
10х12   30х32
10х13   40х43


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