PVC Compounds
PVC Compounds

The compounds produced by Plast Commerce-93 Ltd. are characterized by excellent thermal stability, good and homogeneous melt and give a very good appearance to your final products.
The granules are produced with color and hardness according to customer requirements.

Plast Commerce-93 Ltd. offers the following range of PVC compounds:

Soft compounds - plasticized
  • PVC compounds for feet - thick
  • PVC compounds for feet - pore (foamed) - much lower relative weight
  • PVC compounds for cables for inner and outer cable sheath
  • PVC compounds for medical use - transparent

Твърди гранулати – непластифицирани

  • PVC compounds for blinds
  • PVC compounds for pipes
  • PVC compounds for fittings 

Специални гранулати

  • PVC compounds  oil-resistant 
  • PVC compounds acide-resistant
  • PVC compounds electrostatic



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